Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall-ing a little behind ...

So if you've checked back with any regularity, you might have noticed that I haven't posted any new content in a while. Actually, about 8 weeks to be exact. This is mostly due to a few unrelated events, specifically:
  1. Fall in Wisconsin means 2 things: lots of extra yard work before winter (cleanup, raking leaves, grass seed / fertilizer, cleaning gutters ...) and Packers season. In fact, I'm watching the Packers try to eek out a win right now against the Jaguars, after having spent the morning raking my yard. Long story short, the extra day of chores and 3+ hours of football eat heavily into my weekly blogging window.
  2. I started working on a CodeProject sample and article on how to "Make your own simple web widget", which I was planning to tie a blog post into. I spent a bunch of time researching, coding, testing, etc. on the project, only to find a great example by Alex Marandon on how to do it just as I was writing my first draft. Frankly, his example worked better than mine, so I bookmarked it as a reference and moved on (albeit a little disappointed).    
Even though fall still has a few more weeks to go, the one good thing to come out of the temporary time shortage is that I've been able to build on my list of ideas to share. I also started a CodePlex project earlier this week that I'm pretty excited about and am hoping to post more about here over the coming weeks and months. Lastly, I have 1-2 other happenings that might be coming up here as well in the near future, but more on that as it develops.

Hopefully you'll keep checking in - lots of cool stuff to come!

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