my background

I have been solving business problems with software, Agile methodologies, care and craft for over thirteen years. I have experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle - as a Developer, DBA, Tester, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Manager and Architect. I've directed multiple projects from client initiation through product delivery, deployment, and growth as a leader, team member and independent contributor. I have worked on software projects of all sizes, for Fortune 500 companies and 1-person small businesses. I am also a Certified Scrum Master and Manager.

My blog is simply about sharing the tools and stories I've collected through all of those experiences with others.
Below is a list of my favorite professional books; each one has taught me new things about the business and craft of software. If you haven't read some or any of them yet, I hope this will encourage you to pick one up and expand your knowledge.

I'd like to offer a small, open thank you to each of these authors for taking time to share their insights and information. I've grown from reading these books, and hope through this site to share some of the things I've learned so others can benefit, just as they did.